About us

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Boer Group Recycling Solutions was founded by Boer Group in 2015 to support promising research projects on innovative textile recycling methods. Our goal is to change textiles from being the one-time recyclable waste stream it is nowadays into a circular raw material.

Why innovate?

The production of new textile fibers is one of the most polluting industries in the world and although existing recycling methods give discarded garments a second life, it is often their last useful application. Think about rags and insulation material.

Without a doubt, this kind of recycling is good but we believe that with the currently available knowledge we should be able to improve and create even better solutions!

How would Boer Group Recycling Solutions be of use?

From small companies to large research institutions, many are concerned with the question how to reduce the environmental impact of textiles. Studies often start from passion and idealistic thoughts but in most cases that is not enough. A professional network, knowledge, time and resources is just as important.

With over 100 years of experience in used textiles, Boer Group has an extensive network of professionals throughout the industry worldwide. Because we believe it is of great importance that promising studies get the support they need, we are open for discussion to see in what way we can be of help!