Boer Group

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Boer Group is an international textile recycling organization with collecting- and sorting companies for used textiles and shoes. The family business started over a 100 years ago by collecting paper, metal and textiles and eventually continued with textiles only.

Our sorting companies grade the collected textiles in about 350 articles spread across 3-5 qualities. After this extensive sorting process every piece of textile finds its way to resellers or recycling companies worldwide.

Boer Group’s companies are situated in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany:

Belgium Netherlands Germany
Curitas Belgium Curitas Netherlands FWS
Evadam Euro Used Clothing Alta Hildburghausen
Gebotex Alta West
Marbo Recycling TexTrade
Tardis Vintage

Besides these companies, Boer Group has many partnerships with recycling companies.

For more information about Boer Group, please visit the website.