Cotton in numbers

As most-used textile fiber worldwide, cotton is responsible for:

    • 24 billion KG production per year
    • 10 % of total CO2 emissions
    • 25% of total use of insecticides
    • 10% of total use of pesticides
  • 8.000 liter water per KG on average

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Boer Group Recycling Solutions

Boer Group Recycling Solutions was founded in 2015 by Boer Group to support research projects for innovative textile recycling methods. This website provides you with information on our current projects and keeps you informed with the latest news from the industry!

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Boer Group

Boer Group is an international textile recycling organization with companies for collecting and sorting used textiles and shoes. Our companies grade textiles in approximately 350 types spread across 3-5 qualities. After this extensive grading process each piece finds its way to distributors and recycling companies.

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