a cellulose-like fiber SaXcell

SaXcell is a cellulose-like fiber created from 100% recycled waste cotton. The fiber arises from a chemical recycling method which is developed by researchers from Saxion university, the Netherlands.

The first garments made from SaXcell and designed by Humanoid were presented in October 2015 at the Dutch congress Groen is de rode draad. The first phase of the project has been completed successfully.

Chemical but environmentally friendly

SaXcell’s process is much more environmentally friendly than the production of virgin cotton fibers. It doesn’t require any agricultural land, pesticides and insecticides and uses less water. The chemical solution used for dissolving the cotton can be re-used for more than 99% and the SaXcell fiber itself is recyclable many times.

Phase 2

The project’s second phase started in January 2016 and from that moment on Boer Group will contribute to the development of SaXcell. A lot of research is necessary to optimize SaXcell and to enable large-scale production. As said, the first garments are promising but still quite a few questions need to be investigated:

  • How to preserve SaXcell’s quality level with an increased scale of production?
  • Is it possible to use this technology for raw materials which are not made of 100% cotton? If not, how to alter the technique to make it possible?
  • And for consumers: what happens to SaXcell garments after washing it 10 times? And after 20 times?

No need to get bored!

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