Boer Group Recycling Solutions started a new project in April 2015: testing an automatic sorting machine, developed by Tomra Sorting Solutions (Germany).

Tomra is widely known for their Collection Solutions like the reverse vending machines that can be found in many shops all over the world. Besides Collection Solutions, Tomra has another department called Sorting Solutions. They have been developing sorting machines with high level technology for many years and the machines are mainly used by companies active in food, recycling and mining.

In June and August 2015, we visited Tomra´s test factory in Germany to see their sorting machine and do a few small tests with our material. The sorting machine is able to ‘see’ what type of material the textiles consist of. This allows you to sort very accurate on material composition.

The outcome of these small tests were surprisingly good so we decided we wanted to test the machine for a longer period of time. The test unit was installed at our Dutch sorting plant Gebotex in week 16 and will be there until the beginning of June.

Because of the first promising results, we decided to rent a sorting machine again that is equipped with NIR – and VIS technology in September 2018. During the test at our sorting facility TEXTRADE  in Bremerhaven, we sorted all textile related recycling products with the target to see the potential fibre content per product.

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