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The integration of circular business models is key for any future sustainable activities. Based on our deep knowledge about the future European legislation with regards to extended producer responsibility and textile recycling we support you in the design of new concepts to meet your future responsibility e.g.:

  • Implementing take back schemes for post-consumer textiles
  • Integrating recycled fibres into new products
  • Sustainable handling of shop returns and stocking

What´s your project idea?

Starting with a true project is a very good opportunity to evaluate the best concept or explore how to implement the solution within the framework of the overall strategy and value chain. So, let's start:

Implement collecting scheme

The following topics show a choice of questions which need to be decided according to your company strategy. We help you to find the best scheme for your organisation. Our collecting companies FWS and Curitas are strong partners to build up a solution in Europe.

Legal requirements

Whether commercial collections or take-back according to producer responsibility, we can set up a scheme which fits best into your company strategy and resources.

Integration in your own reverse-supply-chain

Is it possible to use your own logistic infrastructure or shall we pick up collected items from the stores? Which valuable options can be used after consolidation points?

Which kind of textiles

There exists a variety of options, starting from taking back only own products through to offering a take back scheme for all kind of used textiles which are usually collected.

Communication towards consumers

What is the intention of the collecting scheme? How to inform consumers?

Using recycled fibres

The use of recycled fibres has a significant impact on the existing supply chain. We can build the bridge here and supply recycled fibres to close the loop. Our textile recycling company Frankenhuis is a reliable partner to scale up you business model.

Nomination of (a) product(s)

Depending on the product into which recycled content shall be integrated the recycled fibres have different quality requirements. Additionally, this decision has influence on the quantity of recycled fibres required.

Targeted content

Which raw material shall be substituted – cotton, wool, polyester?

Recycling technology

According to the selected product and the quality requirements we help you to understand the existing recycling possibilities and outputs to source secondary raw materials.

Control over material stream

Transparency is key! We align with you the source of (post-consumer) textile waste and ensure a transparent waste flow documentation.

Solutions on stock and shop returns

with regards to the future EU regulation on destruction ban for textiles.


Selling your unsold textiles into other sales channels is the best option. Therefore, benefit from our global second-hand sale channel.


To protect your brand remanufacturing of your unsold textiles can be a proper solution. Within our network, we also collaborate with such companies e.g. MOOT – Made Out Of Trash.)


If the first options are not possible, recycling is the next option. From usual recycling operations to confidential destruction, we can provide you with the solution that fits best to your intention.

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