Boer Group innovation platform for textile recycling

As a family business we have a strong motivation to constantly improve our work to reduce textile waste to a minimum and find better solutions to keep textiles in the cycle. Simply said, we are passing on something positive to the next generation.

Following the principles of R-Strategies

The main objective of the R-Strategies is to reduce consumption of primary resources and promote the use of secondary raw materials. Join us in these strategies! Please click on the specific one and get an idea how you can help to reach this goal.

Our business begins at the stage of REUSE textile products which are still in good condition and can be used in its original function. Also, REMANUFACTURING textiles by using parts of these products within a new product, retaining the same function, extends the life span of textiles or its parts.

Only if textiles cannot be utilize as a product material recycling shall be the next option.

In this context BGRS supports promising projects that develop new recycling methods along our value chain. Recycling infrastructure based on automated sorting and preparation of textile waste is key for us. Therefore, collaboration with all actors in the value chain is important to bring ideas and pilots to a higher level and make it happen.
If you want to know more about our work please see our examples of selected projects.

From pilot to business model

The transformation to a circular industry can only succeed when pilots are scalable and reach a critical volume. With this in mind, Boer Group operates along all steps of the value chain and can make a real sea change. Let´s get started now.

IMPACT of the global textile and fashion industry


share of global green house gas emissions

93 Billion

water usage per year

7-7.5 million tons

of textile waste created in EU-27 per year

Source: McKinsey & Company: Scaling textile recycling in Europe—turning waste into value (07.2022)

Our Projects

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Automated Sorting in Big Scale SIPTex III
Boer Group joins IRG Recycling